Barrel of Firearm Points Down Range (Towards Targets) at All Times

The range officer will set up your station and prepare your ammunition for you. You are encouraged to load your own firearm as it is a part of the range experience, but if you’d rather, the range staff can load it for you. There is a ZERO tolerance for pointing the firearm at anything other than the target, at all times. 

Firearm Stays in Booth at All Times

Your firearm is to remain in your booth at all times.  If you need to walk away or take a break simply put down the firearm.  The range officer will be right beside you and will assist you with anything you may need. However, please remain in the booth until you are cleared to move.

Trigger Finger Stays Outside of The Trigger Guard Until Aiming at The Target

Don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you can see the target clearly in your sights. This is one of the things our safety staff watch for closely. Should you fail to follow this rule they will quickly correct you. If you do not abide by these rules, then you may be removed from the range with no refund provided.

Put The Firearm Down if There are Any Issues

If your firearm malfunctions, if you run out of ammo and don’t require a reload, or if you need to turn around for any reason, set the firearm down. The range officer will handle any issues you may have. Simply place the firearm down to notify the officer that you require assistance.

Safety is Enjoyable For Everyone

Wild West is a family facility, and as such we want to ensure not only your safety, but the safety of everyone at the range. Our range officers are alert and polite. Please feel free to ask them anything and never be too shy to ask for help when needed.