WESSA 2018 Membership Pricing

Drop-in Fee InlcudedNOYESYESYES
Can Bring Outside AmmunitionNONOYESYES

What’s the difference between each membership?

Limited Membership – The Associates Membership meets CFO requirements for applying for a Restricted Firearms purchase or updating their Restricted Firearms LIC through the CFO. WESSA Associate members are entitled a $10.00 off discount off their Range admission per visit, and a $10.00 discount per box of ammunition with your own firearm (At range list pricing, not offsale. PLEASE NOTE: Absolutely no Ammunition allowed from outside)

Unlimited Membership – No Drop-in fee for admission. Ammunition must be purchased in house. WESSA members bringing own Firearms are entitled to: Unlimited Visits, $10.00 discount per box of ammunition (With own firearm). Ammunition must be purchased in house. Members Guests receive $10.00 off Drop in fee. *Subject to lane availability*

Premium Membership – WESSA Gun Club coverage, No Drop-In fee, Unlimited Visits. Bring your own Ammunition or purchase in store at regular off sale price. A Premium Member may bring up to two guests per visit at a $25.00 Drop-in Fee. *Subject to lane availability* PLEASE NOTE: Friday-Sunday requires mandatory reservation or Lane availability

Premium Family Membership – Take advantage of all the benefits of our premium membership while adding a family member an additional cost of only $250.00! (must reside at same address). Premium Family memberships can bring all minor children under their supervision (Must be under 18 Years of Age)

If you would like to sign up for a WESSA Membership, please download a copy of our application, fill it out and bring it to the range for processing and payment.

WESSA Application

Is My Ammo Allowed Inside the Shooting Range at Wild West?


  • Steel Core
  • Steel Jacketed
  • Bi-Metal
  • Frangible
  • Hollow Point
  • Armor piercing        Incendiary Rounds
  • Black Power firearms
  • High Powered Rifle Rounds (.22LR up to .44Mag permissible)
  • 5.7x28mm

*Wild West Shooting Centre reserves the right to refuse any ammunition deemed unfit for use in the range*