(per person)

Day Admission $36
WESSA Unlimited Gun Club Membership $299/yr
WESSA Limited Gun Club Membership* $99/yr
WESSA Member Limited Drop-in $26

Own your own firearm? Check out our exclusive WESSA Memberships

*With a limited membership, your day admission is reduced by $10. If you buy an unlimited membership, day admission is waived. Annual memberships are good for one year from purchase date.

What’s Included

Gun Rental
Range Safety Officer
Safe Handling Instructions
PPE (Eye and Ear Protection)
Ammo Rates Below

Groups of 10+

Stags and Stagettes
Corporate/Business Team Building
Birthday Parties
Anniversary Parties & more!

When you first get to the range the first step is to pay for admission, select a firearm and purchase your rounds. We offer member discounts, so if you have an amazing time shooting (and we know you will), be sure to check out our membership packages.

Ready to choose your gun?



50 x 9mm $36
50 x .40 Smith & Wesson $40
50 x .45 ACP $43
50 x .22 LR $18


50 x .38 Special $40
25 x .357 Magnum $28
50 x .357 Magnum $48
25 x .44 Magnum $35
50 x .44 Magnum $59
25 x .45 Long Colt $35
50 x .45 Long Colt $59

Single Action / Dual Action Revolvers


25 x Beretta Storm $35
50 x Beretta Storm $59

Optics available for Specialty Rifles

Check in store to see what else is available


7 x Desert Eagle $28

Precautions to keep in mind:

Avoid open-toed shoes, heels, or flip flops (bullet casings are hot)

Avoid low cut tops and cover your chest to prevent spent casings from getting in there (wear a scarf or a jacket)

PREGNANT WOMEN: Please understand that the noise level on the range and the lead in the bullets may be harmful to your baby while pregnant. We don’t want you to take any chances.

Read Our Commitment to Safety Questions? Call 780-426-4866