Membership Agreement

I understand Wild West Shooting Centre Memberships are sold on per year basis (from date of purchase. (ABSOLUTELY NO​ REFUNDS​)

Wild West Shooting Centre is not responsible for any accidents, injury, or loss of personal property while on the premises of Wild West.

I understand to obey Wild West Shooting Centre Range Safety Rules and Procedures and I will be respectful to all customers and Wild West employees.

I agree to a complete orientation by a Wild West Range Officer.

I understand first three visits will be under supervision by WESSA Range Officer until I have been deemed safe. At that point I will be issued my full membership card.

I acknowledge any serious unsafe violation may revoke my membership and/or involve the Authorities or prosecution.

I understand my membership may be revoked without reimbursement for any unsafe actions and be immediately barred from the Range.

I agree all ammunition brought by me will be used only in my owned Firearms, and undergo inspection by Wild West personnel.

I understand WESSA employees will check ammunition brought by me prior entering the Range and that Wild West Staff reserve the right to refuse any ammunition they deem unfit for use in the facilities.

I agree to report all guests accompanying me and agree they will be supervised by me at all times and they will sign a waiver.

I understand bringing guests using my owned Firearms is at my own risk and take full responsibility for monitoring and following safety rules. If I am unable I may request WESSA Range Officer if assistance is needed.

I agree that all ammunition used on the range will abide by the parameters set forth by Wild West. Failure to do so will result in a black mark on membership (maximum of 3 allowed) or forfeit of membership with no reimbursement.

I understand that Wild West has a zero tolerance for use of drugs or alcohol while in the range. Any member or guest found to be under the influence will be stripped of membership on first offence.

I hereby acknowledge that I am not under a prohibition for handling firearms and ammunition. I understand that any violation of WESSA safety rules will result in immediate termination of membership and possible criminal charges offence.

I understand that, unless classified under premium membership level, that I must purchase all ammunition solely at Wild West Shooting Centre and be used on the same day of visit.

I acknowledge that once purchased ammunition leaves the building that I can not bring it back in the range for use, unless I have a premium membership.

Member requirements

Each Member must undergo 3 supervised visits before being approved as a full member (must prove safe and competent use of firearms) before being issued membership ID Card

Members must have membership visible while inside range AT ALL TIMES

ALL Members operate on a 3 offence rule.

I understand unsafe handling of any firearms will be given three warnings depending on the nature of the incident and may cause immediate revocation of membership

I understand as Premium Member I am permitted to bring my own ammunition as long as it abides within the parameters set forth by Wild West.

I understand WESSA employees have the right to inspect ammunition brought by me prior to entry to the range.

Ammunition violation may cause suspension or termination of membership

I accept Wild West has the right to refuse use of specific ammunition if it is deemed unfit for use in the range.

ALL Members must be supervised if they or their guest are using Wild West equipment


Ammunition that is a pistol caliber 22LR to .44 Magnum is approved. However, we reserve the right to refuse use of any specific ammunition in the range.

The following ammunition is NOT APPROVED FOR USE ON THE RANGE:

  • Steel Core
  • Steel Jacketed
  • Bi-Metal
  • Frangible
  • Hollow Point
  • Armor piercing
  • Incendiary Rounds
  • Black Power firearms
  • High Powered Rifle Rounds
  • 5.7x28mm